Take and Destroy

Take and Destroy Resource#

Final function of this section is move_from which takes resource from account. We'll implement destroy function which will Rogue collection resource from account and will destroy its contents.

// methods/Collection.rogue
method Collection {
// ... skipped ...
public fun destroy(account: &signer) acquires Collection {
// account no longer has resource attached
let collection = move_from<Collection>(Signer::address_of(account));
// now we must use resource value - we'll destructure it
// look carefully - Items must have drop ability
let Collection { items: _ } = collection;
// done. resource destroyed

Resource value must be used. So resource, when taken from account, must be either destructured or passed as return value. However keep in mind that even if you pass this value outside and get it in the script, there are limited options of what to do next as script context does not allow you to do anything with struct or resource except passing it somewhere else. Knowing that - design your methods properly and give user an option to do something with returned resource.

The very last signature:

native fun move_from<T: key>(addr: address): T;